Cyber Insurance


Are You Protected?

Keeping information safe matters- your own data and all that your customers trust you with. If your company is attacked by a hacker, there is an IT malfunction or you (or someone in your company) unintentionally share something they are not supposed to, repairing it takes time and resources. Putting in place a cyber security scheme and data threats means you are safe.

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What Does Cyber Insurance Do?

It is also known as insurance against cyber liability, or insurance against data security. It is there to ensure that your organisation is safe from cyber crime, such as fraud, data theft and social engineering, where criminals try to trick you into parting with money, data or both. It also includes data breaches where there is unintended sharing of personal information.

When Should I Get Cyber Insurance?

Cyber crime is on the rise, in the last 12 months more than three out of five businesses have reported a cyber attack and it can lead to loss of profits, a ruined reputation and even fines. Security should be considered for anyone who uses computers or the internet at work, keeps data about clients, suppliers or staff, conducts online transactions, or just uses social media.

How Much Cyber Insurance Cover Will I Need?

The amount of coverage you need depends on what it will cost after a cyber attack to get back to work. We're going to work with you to create a policy that suits your needs. Determining the appropriate amount of cyber insurance coverage you need depends on various factors specific to your business, including its size, industry, data exposure, and risk profile. It's recommended to work closely with your cyber insurance provider or a qualified risk management professional to accurately assess your business's cyber insurance needs. Tailoring your coverage to match your specific risks and potential financial liabilities is essential to ensuring you have adequate protection in the event of a cyber incident.

Where Cyber Cover Can Help?

Our Cyber Insurance can help you with the following:

  • Recovering From Attacks
  • Loss Of Data
  • Your Security Commitments

Recovering From Attacks

Insuring against cyber crime and data risks means that you are safe from new and emerging threats, but we will also assist with the practicalities of having specialists to restore networks, rebuild information, and deal with any requests that are made where data is stolen. In The Insurance Times Cyber Product Survey 2018, our cyber insurance policy for SMEs is the only one to score 100%.

Loss Of Data

Losing data or accidentally sharing it can cause real headaches for you and your clients. There are lots of stories about people leaving memory sticks lying around, but there are much simpler ways to lose data that do just as much damage. Cyber insurance helps you cover your costs and get back to business.

Your Security Commitments

These days we have detailed commitments to keeping client data safe, making sure online transactions are secure and complying with the changing legislation around digital transactions and communications. Things like GDPR legislation are important but complicated and it’s easy to make mistakes or miss things.

Choose Legal Explus for Cyber Insurance Solution

In today's digital landscape, cyber threats are on the rise, and your business's data and reputation are at stake. That's where Legal Explus comes in. Our comprehensive Cyber Insurance solutions are tailored to protect your business from the evolving world of cyber risks. Contact us today to secure your business's future in the digital age!