Commercial Legal Expense Insurance (LEI)

In today’s highly competitive market, lawyers need all the tools at their disposal to attract and accommodate valuable clients.

Legal Ex Plus can help your firm comply with your professional obligation to advise your clients as to alternative funding arrangements particularly in line with Rule 2.03(g) of the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007.

Solicitors are not insurance brokers and can often fall into the trap of failing to comply with the requirements when conducting Insurance Mediation Activities.

When using Legal Ex Plus Commercial LEI the costs of litigation become more affordable to a client. You can earn fees by running cases that may have been halted previously due to a lack of funding and also attract clients who would normally be wary of pursuing litigation.

Benefits of our Commercial Legal Expense Insurance

With Legal Ex Plus you can strengthen client loyalty by minimising exposure to litigation risks at no cost to the client.

Our premiums are deferred until the end of the litigation and are only payable upon success.

We insure a wide range of commercial disputes irrespective of the basis upon which you act. Cover extends to adverse costs and own disbursements and available to both individuals and business entities. We offer either bespoke or block rated insurance on a fixed price or step premium basis.

We are able to make underwriting decisions quickly in view of our

experience in commercial litigation.

Commercial ATE Insurance covers everything from contractual disputes,

landlord and tenant and property disputes, copyright and intellectual

property disputes, professional negligence to partnership disputes.

Commercial ATE Insurance is available for CLAIMANTS and DEFENDANTS.

Our ATE Insurance allows cases that would normally have good

prospects of success but are abandoned due to financial constraints

can now be supported without fear to the client of incurring financial loses.